This page is dedicated to all the Bears that have went on to participate at the next level (college and pros). We'll add photos and information as we get them. Please email

Go Bears!!! 


Fitzgerald Williams  
C/O 1982 
Valdosta State


Fred Barber 
University of Georgia

Lance Funderburk_edited_edited.jpg

Lance Funderburk C/O 1992
Valdosta State


Tyler Harris  C/O 2016 University of Central Florida 

Avery Jernigan - Auburn.jpg

Avery Jernigan 
C/O 2020 


Brandon Jernigan 
C/O 1995 
Valdosta State University

Bennett_Stetson_ UGA.jpg

Stetson Bennett 
C/O 2016 
University of Georgia

Quayvon Hicks.jpg

Quayvon Hick
C/O 2011 
University of Georgia
Tampa Bay Bucs
Tennessee Titans

Drew Starling.jpg

Drew Starling 
C/O 2021
Georgia Highlands

Ellington Day.jpg

Ellington Day 
C/O 2018 
Georgia Southern

Emma Day_edited.jpg

Emma Day
C/O 2020 
Coastal Georgia

Jermaine Brewton.jpg

Jermaine Brewton 
C/O 2021
Valdosta State University

Makayla Pitts.jpg

Makayla Pitts
C/O 2021

Sara Beth King.jpg

Sarah Beth King
C/O 2016 
West Alabama

Seth Foster.jpg

Seth Foster
C/O 2021
Wofford College

Patch Bennett.jpg

Patch Bennett
C/O 2021
Presbyterian College

Ty Myles.jpg

Ty Myles
C/O 2021 
Northern Illinois

Tristen Blocker.jpg

Tristen Blocker 
C/O 2020

Boo Williams.jpg

Boo Williams
C/O 1996
South Carolina

JReid Phillips.jpg

JReid Phillips
C/O 2021 
Andrew College

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